Which Canadian Interior Designer Are You?

What word best describes your style?

What piece of décor do you think really finishes off a room?

a bed in the centre of a room with dim lighting

What best describes your personality?

What is your favourite room in the house?

Pick a Canadian city to live in.

an image of a Halifax alley with hanging lights

How often do you redecorate?

a blue paint brush with yellow paint laying on a sponge

Which Canadian Interior Designer Are You?
You’re Iman Stewart!

Iman Stewart is Toronto-based designer, who loves working with people to find the style that works for them. She doesn’t “like the idea of having a signature style,” but is often influenced by her travels, experiences, dreams, and history. Just like Stewart, your design aesthetic changes based on what you’re working with, where you’ve been, and what best suits the room.
You’re Ferris Rafauli!

Luxury. That’s your style. Ferris Rafauli is the award-winning designer behind Drake’s $100 million mansion. Rafauli designs furniture, lighting, rugs, drapery, and more exclusively for the spaces he curates. Just like Rafauli, you’re always aiming to be the best of the best when it comes to your designs, and the more exclusive they are the better.
You’re Patricia Gray!

For three decades, Patricia Gray has designed spaces that are beautiful, livable, luxurious, and contemporary. She balances all of those traits to create design people all over the world clamor for. Much like Gray, you’re keen on finding design that will elevate your room without being gaudy. After all, you still want to feel comfortable and like you can live there! Gray designs exceptional homes for exceptional people, and that’s a feel you try to recreate in your own home.
You’re Steven Sabados!

With his fine art background, Steven Sabados brings attention to detail, unique vision, and a fresh take to interior design. His design company, S&C, is all about timeless, fresh, and fabulous design. Plus, Sabados has his own brand STUDIO, which features his artwork, area rugs, and decorative pieces to make your room complete. Much like Sabados, you’re all about taking classic design and bringing it into the modern day.
You’re Sarah Richardson!

Sarah Richardson loves helping people create elegant and timeless designs for every room in the home. Her practical, endearing, and inspiring design approach is part of how she’s created more than 250 episodes of design television that keeps the audience coming back for more. Just like Richardson, you love creating a home environment that’s practical yet beautiful. You also never shy away from a home textile, like accent pillows, blankets, or drapes.